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4 Marketing ‘Things’ Every SME Should be Doing

by Judith Hutchinson


Image courtesy of tiramisustudio at

Image courtesy of tiramisustudio at

Here are four marketing ‘things’ every SME should be doing:

1. Asking customers for feedback – whether you sell tangible or intangible things you should ask customers for feedback.  Not only will this enable you to get to know your customers better in terms of what makes them tick – what they like, don’t like etc.  It can also help you to cross sell and upsell.  Depending on your industry sector there may also be an opportunity to ask the customer to feedback in a public arena such as on tripadvisor, yelp, feefo etc.  More here about how asking your customers what they think can help.

2. Asking staff for feedback – whether you employ 2 or 249 you should be asking your staff what they think in terms of strengths and weaknesses and also for their ideas.  You may be surprised at what fantastic ideas staff have for new products, new ways to promote and even new markets to attack – they just haven’t told you about them.  A regular meeting, a staff ideas box (with an incentive) or an anonymous survey are all ways to garner opinion from your workforce.

3. Setting objectives and sharing them – so often businesses just want to ‘win more business’ but they don’t say from who or by when or how.  Make your objectives SMART. Instead of having ‘Double our turnover in 3.5 years’ break it down and really get to the nitty gritty of it – it may be that you end up with several objectives more along the lines of “Win 10 new customers from the healthcare sector each worth an average of £9500 by December this year”.

4.  Measuring what you are doing – There’s no excuse not to measure your marketing activity – from social media to printed ads, a website to an exhibition.  Make sure your marketing activity is making a return on your investment and fits with your objectives.

What about you? What other marketing ‘things’ do you think we should add to this list?


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