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5 Marketing Myths

by Judith Hutchinson

I often here ‘myths’ about marketing related stuff.  So I thought I would share a few with you here:

1. You can’t measure advertising

Errr – yes you can telephone numbers, landing pages, google tracking and not to mention asking your customers where they heard about you!.5 Marketing Myths

2. You have to use facebook 

No you don’t – if your target market aren’t there then you don’t. Or similarly if your target market are there but don’t want to communicate with your business on that particular platform then by all means have a page but don’t dedicate a load of time and resources to it.  I have a facebook business page but I dont update it – there’s a message on there letting people know that folk seem to like communicating with me via twitter more.  By all means if I get a greater following on fb then I would change my mind!

3. Advertising and marketing are the same.  

Grrrrr…..I’ve written a separate article on this. Read it here.  The short version is – it’s not.  Advertising is a part of marketing. Marketing is a much bigger thing.

4. Thinking quantity over quality when it comes to social media

So what if you’ve got 5000 twitter followers – if they are not your target market then they don’t count!  Far better to have 50 followers who are your target market than 5000 that are not.

5. If I make a great product or deliver a fabulous service it will sell itself.

Try it – I dare you!  I can pretty much guarantee it won’t.  Arguably Apple sell great products but they also spend over $1 Billion Dollars telling people about them.

What other marketing myths have you come across?


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