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5 Reasons why your business should blog

by Judith Hutchinson

5 Reasons why businesses should blog

  1. It helps with SEO.  Google likes it when your site is relevantly updated on a regular basis so if you are updating your blog regularly this will help with your google rankings.
  2. It gives you fodder for social media.  If you are utilising social media (twitter, facebook, Pinterest etc) then your blog will provide you with articles to communicate to your audience that are relevant.  One blog article doesn’t just have to be tweeted the day it is posted. You can use it across channels and refer to it more than once. This, of course, helps to spread the word that you know what you are talking about and encourages traffic from the social media sites to your website.
  3. It helps to keep you on top of your game. Blogging, I believe, encourages you to think from your customer’s point of view.  E.g. every time you sit down to write a new blog article you should be thinking “what would my customers and potential customers find useful?”  Marketing is all about the customer so to encourage anyone to put themselves in their customer’s shoes is, in my opinion, a good thing.
  4. It helps to build your brand and ensures that people realise what your brand is all about (allowing the brand personality to shine through and showing that your business is built by people – not robots). Blogs can position businesses as  thought leaders, expert voices and generally make your audience appreciate that you and your staff know their stuff.
  5. It enables you to build a community – relationships with other relevant bloggers, for instance, who influence your audience.  A tourist attraction, for example, who wants to encourage more visitors could use its blog to engage with “mummy bloggers” who in turn can influence mums to bring their children to the attraction.

These are only five reasons to blog. I am sure there are many more and please feel free to share yours.   I am sure some people have reasons not to blog but perhaps that’s a whole new article!

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