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Free and Useful Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

by Judith Hutchinson

Marketing tools

I’m often asked about useful online tools to help with marketing activity so I thought I would start compiling a list.  These are either free or have a free package

1.Google Analytics If you haven’t got analytics for your website and you arent checking it regularly WHY NOT?  Surely you paid money for your website and surely it’s there to attract customers to buy whatever it is you sell (or at least create a warm lead for you?).  Google Analytics gives you fabulous intelligence about where your site visitors are coming from, whether your social media is working, how they are accessing your site – the list is endless. Surely you want to know what’s working and what isn’t so you can improve and refine and make more sales?

2. Social Media Scheduling Tools – I’ve cheated a little here as there are so many out there that it’s about working out what works best for you.  Hootsuite, Bufferapp and Meet Edgar (free trial) would be my suggestions to look at.

3. MailChimp A great platform for sending e-shots, I particularly like the fact they encourage you to comply with data protection laws and provide some great analytics. Not only that by they now offer marketing automation too.  There help team is also well…errr.. helpful too!  If it’s marketing automation that interests you you may wish to look at Drip.

4. SurveyMonkey (can you tell by the name it’s the same team as MailChimp!) – is also a fab tool for online surveys so when you next need to know how great you are why not ask your customers via survey monkey.

5 .  CanvaA great resource for creating images for both on and offline marketing stuff such as social media images, pdfs, e-books, the list goes on.

6. Google Alerts – OK so I’m cheating by adding another google product here but google alerts are very useful.  I have a google alert set up for phrases such as ‘small business marketing’ so that I can be made aware of new blog articles that my followers may be interested in.  As well as using it for social media fodder I have clients who use alerts to keep an eye on what their clients and competitors are up to.  It’s also useful to put in your own company name too!

What about you? I’d be interested to learn which marketing apps you think are most useful?  And we can add to this list.



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