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7 Do’s of Email Marketing

by Judith Hutchinson

7 Do's of email marketing

So many businesses get caught up in the world-wind that is social media they often forget about the merits of email marketing. Whether you are marketing to individuals or to organisations email marketing can help in terms of sharing your content, raising your brand profile, keeping you at the forefront of your target customer’s mind and communicating any offers or promotions you may have. Best of all you own and control the list whereas when you’re posting to your followers on social media the platform decides who sees what.

Seven Do’s of Email Marketing

1. Think about what you want to achieve – increase web traffic, sell something online, encourage enquiries, have more marketing automation, build loyalty…the list is almost endless.  Just make sure it fits with your overall marketing objectives.

2. Use a platform – such as mailchimp, constant contact, dotmailer, Drip etc. (others are , available).

3. Test – You can literally test everything – subject title, wording, images, content.  Work out what works for your audience, keep measuring and keep tweaking.  Say you have 2 titles and you are not sure which would work best then some A/B testing would be good.  Send title A to 100 people and title B to 100 people and the one with the higher open rate will go to the remainder of your list.  Similarly much has been written and debated about the best days and times to send e-campaigns. I think this depends on your business.  If you are selling online to consumers you might want to test Sunday evenings.  If you are a professional services firm selling to business directors then mid week during business hours may be more appropriate.  The point being that your email list will tell you the right time if you test.

4. Measure – there is no excuse here if you are using one of the platforms mentioned in point 2 as they all provide campaign analytics. This means you know how many people opened your email, who clicked where, when they opened it etc.  Equally if the aim of your newsletter is to drive more traffic to your website then make sure you are looking at your web analytics too to find out what they are up to once they arrive at your site.

5. Think about Video – Video is becoming more and more useful for email marketing.  Mention video in your subject line and chances are your open rate and click through rates will increase (obviously only when you are including video content within the actual email!) and your subscribers decrease.

6.  Give them something – Don’t just send your subscribers a load of sales BS about your company – make sure you answer the question ‘what’s in it for me’ (me being the recipient – not you!) . Have you provided them with a useful article,  given them a promotional code, offered them something exclusive as a subscriber?  Why should they stay on your mailing list?

7. Enable subscribers to unsubscribe – People change jobs, change interests and businesses need to respect their decision to opt out.  Aside from breaking the law you don’t want to annoy people either!  That’s another good reason for using a platform (see point 1) as they will automatically do this for you.   For more information about the legalities of email marketing check out the ICO’s website



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