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7 Inspiring Tips for Better Newsletter Titles

by Judith Hutchinson


7 Inspiring Tips for Better Newsletter Titles

There are many reasons why you should be interested in improving your e-newsletter titles.

  1. To increase your open rates – in other words, ensure that people are actually reading your content and not just seeing the title and dinking you.
  2. Avoid people unsubscribing (if they see you are sending interesting and valuable content they are less likely to dink you!)
  3. To increase click-through rates – this is linked to point 1 in the sense that if more people are opening your emails then more people are likely to click through to whatever it is you want them to click through to and learn more.
  4. Increase shares – if you’ve got a great title it is likely to encourage people to share your content by either forwarding on to someone else they know or sharing on social media.

Before we move on to titles (the thing you write in the subject line).   I want to point out that you don’t have to call your newsletter a newsletter, you could think of a quirkier name related to your industry sector or perhaps linking in with words such as bulletin, digest, weekly, times.  It can also be useful to think about the benefits of what’s in it for them.  Perhaps I should change my newsletter name to ‘Grow your business monthly!’

7 Inspiring titles

When I say titles, I mean the words you write in your subject line.  If your e-shots contain your latest blog article then it could be that you simply use this headline for your newsletter title,  these top tips apply to whether you are writing a blog title or a newsletter title:

  1. Think about what’s in it for them, what benefits are they going to get from reading your newsletter.
  2. Remember that it’s not about you – it’s about them.  So, it’s not ABC Ltd: Newsletter.   It’s about the benefits that you bring to them and this obviously depends on what your newsletter is about and what benefits your readers will get when they open it.
  3. What questions do you get asked by your customers and potential customers?  You could look at using these as inspiration for your title
  4. Use Numbers  – if you were a hairdresser, for example,  7 spring styles to update your look
  5. Use Adjectives – mammoth, epic, sparkling, unusual, E.g. 5 Unusual tricks to help you [insert benefit for reader]
  6. Think of words such as ideas, ways, secrets, tricks.
  7. Don’t trick people into reading something boring.  If you’ve written boring content – change it, be creative – tell a story and turn it into something someone will actually want to read. Is it useful, helpful, entertaining, educational?

Still struggling?   Hop on over to the facebook group and see if we can help with some suggestions for you.

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