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AIDA – A Useful Marketing Tool

by Judith Hutchinson

I often find myself using the AIDA model when helping clients to construct brochures, flyers, ads – even e-shots and images for social media, so I thought I would share this:

Attention – A strong headline is the means by which you grab initial attention.  Asking questions is often a good idea.  Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, think about how you solve their problems. What emotions do you want to evoke – fear, greed etc.  Strong imagery, where appropriate, can also help.  What can you say that will grab your readers/viewers attention? I recently received a piece of mail from Street Life which said on the envelope ‘To the lovely person who lives at…. [insert my address].  This was much more attention grabbing than the usual ‘Occupier’ so I opened it.

Interest – You’ve grabbed their attention but now you need to demonstrate the benefits, explain, in a fairly concise way, why this is a good buy / a good decision.  What could happen if they don’t buy?  This section makes sure they feel good about the purchase.  It’s often useful to use bullet points here.

Desire – At this stage they know they have a need but you need to create a desire to act upon this need.   A ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’ approach is often appropriate at this stage.  Show your reader how happy other customers are with your product or service via testimonials.  Use case studies to show how your product is already being used.

Action – What do you want your potential customer to do now?  Often called a ‘call to action’ it encourages your reader to ‘call you, email, fill a form in, complete a mini survey, register for something, follow you on social media, buy etc.  You could also Provide your audience with a reason to buy E.g. Order before the 15th and get a 10% discount.

What about you – have you used the AIDA model before?



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