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How to ask your customers (and potential customers) what they think

by Judith Hutchinson

How to ask your customers what they think

It’s amazing how many businesses I work with that don’t or haven’t asked their customers what they think.  This is a fundamental part of marketing, whilst it can help you with the small stuff such as tweaking a particular part of the service you offer, it can also have some pretty big revelations.  Here are some examples of how it has benefited businesses I have worked with:

But this can be expensive I hear you cry….No!  Asking your customers what they think is easy – and cheap!

If you are a retailer by all means talk to your customers face to face (why wouldn’t you!) but understand that they may not be as honest and open with you as they perhaps would be with an anonymous questionnaire.  If you have a customer mailing list or a good following on social media you could look at an online survey using a platform such as SurveyMonkey.  I’m quite a fan of SurveyMonkey – for starters it’s free (upgrades are available), its easy to use and they have some great advice on question options and survey structure.  And if you have a following on social media you could post a link to the survey or use a post to ask for feedback in the comments or via a poll.

Top Tips

Depending on what type of business you run this can link nicely to how you manage your key accounts and link into a more broader customer relationship management programme but that’s a whole other topic!

Let me know how you ask your customers what they think and how this affects your small business.

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