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Marketing News: Marketing delegated to unskilled staff

by admin

Breaking Marketing News

If you’ve got staff in place to deliver your marketing plans I salute you!  You’re prioritising marketing and know that it will drive sales but….. are your marketing staff well supported?     Are they up to date with the marketing tactics and techniques that could really benefit your business?   Have…

A marketing tip from Antarctica

by Judith Hutchinson

A marketing tip from antarctica

I’m freezing in Antarctica to bring you this marketing tip (the things I do for you eh?) Whilst freezing I talk about how social media marketing is not the be all and end all of marketing (Shock! Horror!).  

How can your business be unique? A Tip from The Galapagos Islands

by Judith Hutchinson

A Marketing Tip from the Galapagos Islands

How can your business be unique?  Don’t just think about how it can be different today but how it can be different in the future too.   Sit back and relax for 1 minute and 18 seconds whilst I channel my inner David Attenborough and visit (sort of) the Galapagos Islands to…

A Marketing Tip from the Rio Carnival!

by Judith Hutchinson

Around The World In Marketing Tips - Rio

In this week’s episode of Around The World In Marketing Tips I provide a tip on thinking about what you want people to feel when they see, hear or experience  your marketing and your brand. Think about the next piece of marketing collateral you are putting out there. This could…

Around The World In Marketing Tips – Florida

by Judith Hutchinson

In this episode of Around The World In Marketing Tips I’m reporting live (sort of) from Florida with a marketing tip for your business…. Disney is a brand I think has really gone from strength to strength. I admire their creativity and storytelling abilities.   I also admire how they diversify…

A Marketing Tip From The Great Barrier Reef

by Judith Hutchinson

Around The World In Marketing Tips - The Great Barrier Reef

In this video I’m at the Great Barrier Reef talking all things business and joint ventures – as you do!   A joint venture or collaboration can be a great way of growing your business.   You can deep dive *Ahem*  and be inspired by watching my latest video below: Learn more about…

Around The World In Marketing Tips: India

by Judith Hutchinson

This is episode 1 of series 1 where I visit India (sort of) to provide a marketing tip for businesses.  For more in depth marketing tips, training, coaching and mentoring visit the Accessible Marketing Academy.   …

15 ways to keep creating fresh marketing ideas for your business

by Judith Hutchinson

You want to keep raising the profile of your business to your target markets. But you are feeling a little low on ideas. Here are a few things you can do to help inspire some great marketing ideas:

  1. 1. Ask – marketing is all about asking your audience what they

#BusinessBuilder Vlog Episode 7 – Wallpaper and Marketing responsibilities

by Judith Hutchinson

Who is responsible for marketing in your organisation? You can book a free marketing strategy session with me to start generating ideas and strategies to market your business. Book Here.

#BusinessBuilder Vlog Episode 6 – Tactical Marketing

by Judith Hutchinson

In this episode of the #BusinessBuilder Vlog I talk about paint colours and marketing tactics. Do you know what you are doing to shout about your business? Do you have strategies in place? You can book a free marketing strategy call with me to start gathering ideas to market your…

#BusinessBuilder Vlog Episode 5 – Marketing Skills

by Judith Hutchinson

In this episode I talk about all the skills needed to market a business

#BusinessBuilder Vlog Episode 4 – Making your business stand out

by Judith Hutchinson

In this episode of the Business Builder Vlog I risk life and limb and go up on the roof to talk about standing out.  

#BusinessBuilder Vlog Episode 3

by Judith Hutchinson

In episode 3 of my #BusinessBuilder Vlog I talk about how things get stressy and about how marketing can sometimes get forgotten    …

5 Essentials to Market Your New Website on Google

by admin

5 essentials to market your new website on Google

Many people think that once their new website has been designed then it just has to go live, and everyone will start flocking to it. This isn’t the case, at all! While a solid design and fast loading speed (which we will explore later) are important, how can people discover…

#BusinessBuilder Vlog: Episode 2

by Judith Hutchinson

#BusinessBuilderVlog Episode 2

In this episode of the #BusinessBuilder Vlog, I talk about foundations and use this as a metaphor for getting your product and service strategies right. You can watch it here  …

#BusinessBuilder Vlog: Episode 1

by Judith Hutchinson

#BusinessBuilderVlog Episode 1

In my #BusinessBuilder vlog series, I use my house extension as a metaphor for marketing your business.  In this episode, I talk about architect plans and marketing planning Watch it here

How much does a small business need to spend on marketing?

by Judith Hutchinson

How much does a small business need to spend on marketing

Small business owners often ask me how much they should be budgeting for their marketing activities.  I find it’s easiest to answer if you know three main things:

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • What are you already doing that is creating a return?

  • What is a customer worth to

7 Inspiring Tips for Better Newsletter Titles

by Judith Hutchinson

7 Inspiring Tips for Better Newsletter Titles

  There are many reasons why you should be interested in improving your e-newsletter titles.

  1. To increase your open rates – in other words, ensure that people are actually reading your content and not just seeing the title and dinking you.
  2. Avoid people unsubscribing (if they see you are sending

3 Design Tips for Better Facebook Ads

by admin

3 Design tips for better Facebook Ads

A Guest Post By Ashley Lipman. As of September 2017, Facebook reports that there are roughly on average 1.37 billion users using their site daily. It comes as no surprise then why Facebook ads can increase profit margins. Which is why it’s important that your Facebook advert is designed to

A Personal Post – How sport helps me be a better small business owner

by Judith Hutchinson

How sport helps me to be a better small business owner

  For those of you that know me well you will know that school, for me, was a fair while ago (over 20 years). Whilst I have kept up with my health and fitness over the years with classes such as Ballet (yes really!), yoga and various gym memberships –…

GDPR – What do small businesses need to know?

by Judith Hutchinson

GDPR - What do small businesses need to know

  I’ve been asked about GDPR in relation to marketing for small businesses, here I am answering these question, if you have others join the Accessible Marketing Facebook group:

What is GDPR?

It sounds really boring doesn’t it – General Data Protection Regulations, I’m almost yawning just typing it.  …

How to Conduct Customer Research in 4 Steps

by admin

How to conduct customer research in 4 steps

Customer research is the essential basis of your marketing strategy. The data acquired by your research should influence every business decision, and it will allow you to create compelling content that engages your target audience. 34% of people say they have severed communication with a brand after receiving poor, irrelevant,…

How Can I Increase My Email List with Relevant Subscribers?

by Judith Hutchinson

How can I increase my email list?

A recent survey conducted with 1000 online businesses revealed that email marketing generates the highest ROI compared to other marketing channels.  Granted it depends on what demographic you are targeting. Perhaps, for example,  teenagers don’t engage with email as much as a 43 year old.  But it’s worthwhile realising that…

A marketers view on the 2016 Christmas Ads

by Judith Hutchinson

Christmas ads 2016

The big brands have well and truly launched their Christmas ads and I have been watching them with interest.  As they say on strictly – the scores are in…. John Lewis Probably the most anticipated ad of the year.   #BusterTheBoxer is a move towards the feel good factor. Presumably…

11 tips for writing a press release

by Judith Hutchinson

So you want to increase your profile in the media but are a little unsure of where to start.   First things first have a think about what ‘things’ your customers watch, listen to and read (the more specific you can get the better).  Is it printed press and in…

Video: 5 Marketing Myths

by Judith Hutchinson

The third and final instalment of my latest series of vlogs. This one is all about what I think are the five biggest marketing myths

Video: The 5 steps of putting together a marketing plan

by Judith Hutchinson

The second in a series, my latest vlog looks at the 5 steps of putting together a marketing plan. Regardless of whether or not you have a marketing plan or not there may well be some nuggets in here that will get you thinking about your own business.   Video…

Video: 3 Key Reasons Your Business Needs a Marketing Plan

by Judith Hutchinson

Here I am recording my first vlog all about why your business needs a marketing plan. Thanks for watching. Video Transcript… I’m always amazed by the number of small business owners I meet who don’t have marketing plans. There are a number of reasons they don’t– often they don’t understand…

Should my business be using Instagram?

by Judith Hutchinson

What’s all the fuss about?  If a picture paints a thousand words then Instagram is certainly a force to be reckoned with.  The picture and video sharing site now claims to have over 400 million active users (150m users per month).  It was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and since…

7 Do’s of Email Marketing

by Judith Hutchinson

So many businesses get caught up in the world-wind that is social media they often forget about the merits of email marketing. Whether you are marketing to individuals or to organisations email marketing can help in terms of sharing your content, raising your brand profile, keeping you at the forefront…

Free and Useful Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

by Judith Hutchinson

I’m often asked about useful online tools to help with marketing activity so I thought I would start compiling a list.  These are either free or have a free package 1.Google Analytics – If you haven’t got analytics for your website and you arent checking it regularly WHY NOT?…

How to ask your customers (and potential customers) what they think

by Judith Hutchinson

How to ask your customers what they think

It’s amazing how many businesses I work with that don’t or haven’t asked their customers what they think.  This is a fundamental part of marketing, whilst it can help you with the small stuff such as tweaking a particular part of the service you offer, it can also have some…

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

by Judith Hutchinson

In a recent meeting I was asked what I thought the biggest social media marketing mistake is.  I don’t think there is just one, so here is  my top 6: 1. Not Being Social So often I see companies simply broadcasting their sales messages rather than using social media to…

Why should SMEs use video marketing?

by Judith Hutchinson

I recently attended a video marketing workshop with the key speaker being Phil Arkinstall of Ark Media I thought readers would find some of the key points from this workshop of interest. Whilst video has been about for years there has been some major technical advancements that have made it…

How Can Google+ Help My Business?

by Judith Hutchinson

I am increasingly being asked by small businesses about how Google+ can help in terms of marketing their organisation.  It was Liz Paton from Tarnished Studios who acted as catalyst for this article – Thanks Liz!  Here goes in hoping I can answer some general questions on G+ and that…

Do you need a mobile friendly website?

by Judith Hutchinson

    More and more people are accessing websites via their smartphones or tablet devices. If you want to communicate to your customers via your website then it’s important that your website works across these devices. I could quote a load of stats at you here about the number of…

Marketing a Town

by Judith Hutchinson

As any Destination Marketer worth their salt will tell you it sure helps if the local people have a little pride in where they live. They are/can be the best ambassadors. The new Experience Barnsley Museum is certainly a great way of injecting a little local pride into the town…

Is Guest Blogging Still Useful for Businesses?

by Judith Hutchinson

I was recently presenting at an Angels in Business Meeting when one of the delegates asked what I thought about guest blogging so I thought I would write about this for the benefit of my readers. A lot was said in 2014 about guest blogging being dead.  And as…

So What Exactly is SEO?

by Judith Hutchinson

In a recent client meeting I was asked this question.  To me the term is part of my vocab and I stupidly forget that others are not necessarily familiar with what SEO is.  So here goes with a quick guide…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
What Is SEO…

The Fascinating Psychology of Colour in Branding and Marketing

by Judith Hutchinson

This is a guest post by Pam Neaves from Mint Creative Solutions  The psychology of colour and how it relates to persuasion in branding and marketing is fascinating.

Image courtesy of Sailom at
In a study entitled ‘Impact of Colour in Marketing’, researchers found that up to…

Hidden features of the big social sites

by Judith Hutchinson

From muting accounts, saving links to read for later and downloading your LinkedIn connections there’s an array of things the big social networking sites can do to make life (and business) a little easier.   I came across this info-graphic from salesforce that cleverly brings attention to some that you may…

How can a small business measure social media?

by Judith Hutchinson

It’s no good just doing social media you really need to have an idea of what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to measure it. If you already have a social media marketing strategy then you know what your goals are (and if you haven’t perhaps…

5 Useful Points About Target Markets for SMEs

by Judith Hutchinson

When I’m putting together a marketing plan for a client it’s often useful to think about the following things:

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
1.  Who is it you’re targeting? Are you selling to businesses or the public?  Think about where they may be based.  Perhaps you have…

5 Marketing Myths

by Judith Hutchinson

I often here ‘myths’ about marketing related stuff.  So I thought I would share a few with you here: 1. You can’t measure advertising Errr – yes you can telephone numbers, landing pages, google tracking and not to mention asking your customers where they heard about you!. 2. You have…

AIDA – A Useful Marketing Tool

by Judith Hutchinson

I often find myself using the AIDA model when helping clients to construct brochures, flyers, ads – even e-shots and images for social media, so I thought I would share this: Attention – A strong headline is the means by which you grab initial attention.  Asking questions is often a good…

Effective copywriting helps you win the war of words

by Judith Hutchinson

Image courtesy of jannoon028 at
This is a guest article by Pardeep Mattu of Ascent Writing  Being in business should be seen as a ‘war of words’. Every piece of marketing communication you create should be maximised, so that you’re promoting your unique selling points in the best…

4 Marketing ‘Things’ Every SME Should be Doing

by Judith Hutchinson


Image courtesy of tiramisustudio at

Tourism Marketing: The Trentham Estate

by Judith Hutchinson

Recently I attended a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) event at The Trentham Estate in Staffordshire. The key speaker was Amanda Dawson, Marketing Manager at The Trentham Estate. It would appear that The Trentham Estate are doing ‘things’ really well and I’m sure there are marketing tips that other…

The downside of social media for businesses

by Judith Hutchinson

Even if you are using social media successfully you will likely come across one or more of the following. I would say it’s about how your brand manages these and can turn them around to your advantage. Here are a few downsides I can think of but I’m sure you…

Fail To Plan – Plan To Fail

by Judith Hutchinson

  I had a teacher once at school who loved the phrase ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ (you have to say it with a nasally voice).  Despite the voice, he was right.  Now, I’m not saying that all successful people and businesses have strict plans that they religiously stick…


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