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Do you need a mobile friendly website?

by Judith Hutchinson



Do you need a mobile friendly website? More and more people are accessing websites via their smartphones or tablet devices. If you want to communicate to your customers via your website then it’s important that your website works across these devices.

I could quote a load of stats at you here about the number of people buying smartphones and also buying online via a mobile device but why not check for yourself via your own website analytics.

Google analytics will tell you how many people are accessing your website via a device other than a desktop and give you an idea of what devices your current visitors are using and indeed what parts of your site they are accessing.

I should also mention here that more and more people and brands are using social media and the very nature of this media means that people are often driven to a website, if your website isn’t mobile friendly this could turn them off.

What is a mobile friendly website?


Basically one that loads quickly, looks good and works well on a mobile device – so is thumb friendly with larger buttons and possibly less copy but this will obviously depend on what business you are in and what you are trying to achieve with your mobile site. And I should clarify that we are talking websites here not apps. Apps can be downloaded and used even when there is no internet connection.

But hey I’m not a web developer and if I have any developer readers who want to comment here please do!

What key things do I need to consider when developing a mobile site?


1. People looking at your websites from mobile devices often have different needs than those looking from a desktop. They may not have as much time to browse and are after quick information whether this be directions, pricing, opening times or contact details. Think about how and why someone would be using your site with a mobile device. Perhaps you provide great content via your blog and want people to be able to read this via their tablet when on the train. Or perhaps you are a tourist attraction and want people to be able to check opening times , buy tickets online and find out what time the penguins are fed today!

2. Think about how your customers will physically use the site – with their thumb?! The majority will likely be right handed and can also flick between portrait and landscape – this is where your mobile designer can really help.

3. Keep it simple – people using mobile sites are generally looking for simple and/or quick info in an easily digestible format.

Are you a business with a mobile site – post your site below and share with us. Or perhaps you are a mobile web developer and can add some more words of wisdom?

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