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Effective copywriting helps you win the war of words

by Judith Hutchinson

Copywriting for SMEs

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This is a guest article by Pardeep Mattu of Ascent Writing 

Being in business should be seen as a ‘war of words’. Every piece of marketing communication you create should be maximised, so that you’re promoting your unique selling points in the best and most appropriate way, whilst standing out from your competitors.

If you’re not sure what your unique selling points are, a skilled marketing manager, consultant or copywriter can help you to identify them, so they can be used for a variety of formats – e.g. for your website, sales letters, newsletters, blogs or brochures. By using their business acumen, creativity, accuracy and skill with words, a professional copywriter aims to write copy that is perfectly crafted for a specific business, product or service. They make content a pleasure to read too!

Focusing on what makes you different is the key component. This could be in regards to a particular product range or perhaps your fascinating company history. Or maybe it’s all the accreditations or awards you’ve gained over the years.

In today’s competitive and crowded marketplace, it’s the quality and credibility of your written message that will help you attract the target audience and get them to pay some serious attention to your message.

That’s why every good copywriter is trying to find the ‘hook’. The hook is why your customers should be interested in you. This hook should be in the headline and used as a key theme throughout the rest of the communication to convey real professionalism.

In addition to ensuring your business is presenting itself at its best, a copywriter can offer an objective view too. We all know how difficult it can be to be impartial when thinking about the products, services or business we are all too close to!

Copywriting is certainly not an island either. The correct and most appropriate marketing strategy and plan, accompanied by great design, are all the ‘best friends’ of effective copywriting.

I may be biased but I strongly believe that copywriting should be an extremely important element of your marketing strategy. After all, why should your target audience listen to you if you can’t articulate a well-crafted message?

So, when considering your marketing efforts, don’t forget to think about copywriting too. If you want to win the war of words that is…

Written by Pardeep Mattu, a professional copywriter at Ascent Writing.



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