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5 Essentials to Market Your New Website on Google

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5 essentials to market your new website on Google

Many people think that once their new website has been designed then it just has to go live, and everyone will start flocking to it.

This isn’t the case, at all!

While a solid design and fast loading speed (which we will explore later) are important, how can people discover your website if there is no way of finding you? We are going to look at 5 essential things that you should do to market your new website on Google which will increase your traffic, conversions and ultimately lead to growth.

#1 Implement on-site SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to your website success and if carried out correctly, will ensure that you get tons of organic traffic from Google.

Researching keywords relevant to your niche and using these keywords in your heading tags, content, image names and alt text while also ensuring you have outbound links to other sites will all give your on-site SEO a boost. Basically, it lets Google know what your site is about.

Have a look at this on-site SEO checklist to get a better idea of what you need to do.

#2 Getting listed on Google My Business

For any company that has a physical store then you need to get listed on Google My Business. It makes finding your location, opening hours and website far easier for anyone that wants to pay you a visit.

It just looks more professional too. You can set this up in a few minutes and the verification process can be completed quickly in certain circumstances or by mail within a few days.

#3 Create a compelling meta description

In case you missed it, Google increased the number of characters you can use for your meta description although there is some debate in regard to what length works best. Around 300 characters has emerged as potentially the most effective.

If you want your new website to appear in Google then this is vital as it is a short description of what your site or page is all about. Use your targeted keywords as well to increase visibility.

#4 Test your load speed

Google hates slow websites. In fact, we all hate slow websites. In an age when even 4G mobile data can load a multimedia heavy site in seconds, there is no reason your new website should take more than a few seconds to load up.

40% of people will exit a site if it is taking more than 3 seconds to load and even a 1 second delay in page response can reduce conversions by 7%.

Google Pagespeed Insights tests your site speed on mobile and desktop and gives you tips on how to improve it. If you want to market your new website in a positive light, then a fast loading time is a must.

#5 Analyse your visitors and how they found you

How can you promote your site effective going forward if you don’t know how people are finding you?

Google analytics is free, easy to use and it gives you so much data to explore. You can find out who is accessing your site, where they come from and what search terms or links they used to get there. With this information you can tailor your promotion and marketing strategy going forward.

Having a brand-new website is all well and good however if you don’t market it properly then it will simply be another well-designed site in the internet graveyard.

These 5 essential tips will ensure that your site will not only be easy found through Google but that it is optimised for your visitors too.


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