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How can a small business measure social media?

by Judith Hutchinson

It’s no good just doing social media you really need to have an idea of what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to measure it. If you already have a social media marketing strategy then you know what your goals are (and if you haven’t perhaps you want to think about this).  Here are a few ideas of how you can measure your social media marketing activity:

How to Measure Social media Marketing

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1.  Google Analytics – If one of your goals has been to drive more traffic to your website as a result of social media then using google analytics to see which networks are generating more traffic will help.  It’s also useful for seeing which of your blog posts are more popular than others.

2. Use the actual networks themselves – If you have a business page then the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn have useful business insights. You can also access an array of stats on twitter by signing up for a twitter ad account and you can access these insights without actually sending an ad.    Use these to find out what types of posts are working best for you and at what times of day.

3. Use your management tools – There are an array of social media management tools and they often have built in analytics.  If you upgrade to paid accounts the likes of HootSuite,  Buffer  and Sprout Social (others are available) have analytic packages, for example. It really depends on what networks you are using as to which is best for you (Pinterest and Instagram Users need to keep an eye out).

What else do you use to measure your social media marketing activity?

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