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Is Guest Blogging Still Useful for Businesses?

by Judith Hutchinson

I was recently presenting at an Angels in Business Meeting when one of the delegates asked what I thought about guest blogging so I thought I would write about this for the benefit of my readers.

A lot was said in 2014 about guest blogging being dead.  And as far as SEO is concerned it possibly is.   However, I do still believe that guest blogging is still very useful for businesses and hence me preparing the list below. First let’s take a look at what it actually is….

What is Guest Blogging?

Is Guest Blogging Useful for Businesses?

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Guest blogging is basically writing an article for a blog that you don’t own.  Imagine you write a blog about hairstyling,  you could link up with a beauty blogger and write a guest blog post about hair tips on the beauty blog.  Or how about a lawyer writing a guest blog for an accountant – basically writing as a guest for someone that has an audience interested in what you are talking about.  Even if you don’t have your own blog you could offer to guest blog for someone else.

In the past many people saw guest blogging solely as an SEO tool and not as a more general tactic useful for a number of other things (not just improving your own site traffic).

Even if you take the SEO element away guest blogging is still useful for SMEs and here’s why

5 Reasons Guest Blogging is still useful for Businesses 

1.  It raises your profile to a new set of people – the readers of the blog you have written for may never have heard of you and yet are interested in something to do with your field/industry so it instantly gives you access to a set of potential new leads.

2. Builds your credibility – There are some pretty big blogs that accept guest posts. Being featured on one of the larger blog sites acts as a kind of endorsement.

3. Good for Networking and building relationships – Why wouldn’t you want to build relationships with the influencers in your industry/network?

4. Increases your social media following – This links with number 1 on the list.  If people who haven’t heard of you become aware of you and are impressed with what you have written there is a good chance they will choose to share your post and/or follow you on social media.  Plus they are likely to visit your site and learn more about your business.

5. You can write a guest post even if you don’t have your own blog – Perhaps you tweet but you don’t blog.  This could be a good way of further demonstrating your expertise, extending your reach and possibly even giving you a taste for writing your own blog!

What Should You Avoid?

– Random online stalkers!   If you have your own blog watch out for random people asking to write a guest blog for you and talking about backlinks and weird stuff like that.  People should be getting to know you before approaching you about guest blogging.

– Spammy stuff – make sure your articles are quality content. Google values quality and will penalise sites that don’t have good content.  Equally a decent blog site will not publish questionable work.

– Being bogged down by SEO – Don’t think about it from an SEO point (I can hear the SEO people sighing as a type).  What I mean by this is don’t be guest posting for better SEO on your own site, think about things from a quality point of view and take it from there. Guest posting is about quality content, raising profile and creating credibility.

What Could you Do Next?

– Have a think about the blogs your target markets are reading, research them.

– Build a relationships with these bloggers – social media is a good starting point.  I don’t mean stalk them but take time to get to know them and their blog, how do they write, have they previously had guest posts etc.

– Once you have got to know them a little you will get to a position where you are able to ask them if they are open to you providing a guest post.

– With some of the bigger sites you are more likely to need to send an article first and if they like it they will publish it (if they don’t they wont and you can then use the work for something else – perhaps your own site)

– Make sure you write quality content.

And if you have a blog is there someone that your audience would be interested to hear from and could you approach them to write an article for you?

So to answer my question – Is guest Blogging Still Useful for Businesses?  I would say Yes!

What do you think?


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