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Marketing Quiz

by Judith Hutchinson

People found the last strapline quiz very easy so here is a slightly harder general marketing quiz.  No prizes – just for fun and the prestige of winning.  Please post your answers below or via twitter – @JudithHutch

  1. What does AIDA stand for? (clue – see my earlier blog article)
  2. Objectives should be SMART. Smart stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and what?
  3. We all know the 4Ps of marketing but can you name the 7Ps?
  4. Name the brand – I originally started off as ‘BackRub’ but in 1996 a brainstorm between my two founders came up with the new name.  Everyone who uses the internet has probably used or at least heard of me.  The logo changes on a regular basis but always looks similar.
  5. Name the brand – Started by two guys at a music festival, who handed out their fruit juices for festival goers and had a yes and a no tub for the empties.  They wanted to know if they should give up the day job and start this brand.  Decision was yes and I bet they haven’t looked back since – Name the Brand.



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