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The A-Z of Marketing (E-H)

by Judith Hutchinson

Part 2 – E-H

For A-D please see earlier blog article

    E – External Environment

    When putting together a marketing plan it’s very important to look at the external environment that the organisation operates within.      The PESTEL model is a useful tool for this.   PESTEL stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental and Legal.  Use these headings to think of all the external factors that could affect your business. I often find this and an internal analysis (SWOT) helps shape the key messages that you need to communicate with your audience.

    F – Focus (not all things to all men)

    Sometimes when I ask the question “who is your ideal customers?” I hear the answer  “everyone”.  This is the moment when I sit back and take a big gulp of tea.  Even if you are a multinational business operating in every single country in the world your marketing efforts should not focus on “everyone”.  Think about who it is you want to be communicating with – what do they do, where do they spend their time, what are their interests, what do they read, where do they spend time online (if they do). How do they like to communicate (social media, email, letter).  Then think about how you can get your brand to them (how you can politely interrupt their day).  I cannot think of one brand that targets everyone all at once– let me know if you know of one!

    G – Goals and Objectives

    I don’t understand how you can possibly have a business if you don’t have goals and objectives?  Even if they are in your head you presumably have an idea of what turnover and profit margins you need?  The important thing is to write them down and share them with your employees. That way you are all working towards the same thing.  When planning your marketing effort you will work from your business objectives and also put in place some specific marketing objectives.  I then go a step further and have aims for each promotional tactic.  E.g. For the website to generate x new enquiries, to gain x new followers on twitter and x RTs and impressions.  The important thing is that you keep an eye on your progress against your objectives.  Review your marketing activity – is it working, if not why not and if not then what do you need to change.

    H – Help – using some help (freelancer/agency etc).  Most organisations, at some stage, have used the services of an agency or freelancer whether this be for help with design, PR, research, planning, marketing communications, the list goes on.

    No one person can be an expert at everything to do with Marketing E.g. a designer is not a marketer, a PR is not a research expert –  and nor should they be.  Marketing is a huge discipline and it’s great for companies to be able to tap into specific expertise when they need to.  Read more about the benefits of using a freelancer here.

    Rest of the alphabet for A-Z of Marketing coming soon!


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