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The Fascinating Psychology of Colour in Branding and Marketing

by Judith Hutchinson

This is a guest post by Pam Neaves from Mint Creative Solutions 

The psychology of colour and how it relates to persuasion in branding and marketing is fascinating.

Psychology of colour in branding

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In a study entitled ‘Impact of Colour in Marketing’, researchers found that up to 90% of immediate judgements made about products were based solely upon colour. Another study named ‘Exciting Red and Competent Blue’ also verified that our purchasing intent is greatly affected by colours and the impact they have on how a brand is perceived. Undoubtedly, colours influence how we view the ‘personality’ behind the brand.

For example, consider the all-famous Coca Cola brand. Let’s not forget that Coca Cola is responsible for Santa Claus being portrayed in red and white attire way back in 1931, when an old Coca Cola commercial first featured him in those colours.

The colours used to portray a brand should be aligned to their personality or the feeling the brand wants to evoke. So, how can we pick the right colour for our brand? Ultimately, it comes down to gut feeling and experience within the design process or appropriateness. For example, you wouldn’t use red to promote a funeral service.

But has branding become more than just about the colours used, suitable fonts, words, imagery and styling? The answer is yes, these elements are all important to convey the personality behind the brand and they play an integral part in all marketing materials. However, what’s crucial is how your personality is projected and as we know from the recent big ‘dress’ debate, not everyone views colours in the same way. Therefore, much more than strong colour selection is needed to build a strong brand.

After reading a blog article like this, it’s always interesting to notice what colours brands use to gain your affinity and evoke a purchase. Have a look…you only have to browse a magazine or your email inbox for some captivating examples.

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